10 best Pics from the Boston Marathon weekend Day 1

The Boston Marathon weekend was nonstop! here are 10 best parts from the Boston Marathon expo and other day 1 highlights…

I didn’t run the race – I was there covering it with Hyland’s hosting ‘10,000 Miles to Boston’ – the video series following this year’s team training and race weekend. Olyan jó móka volt!! but it was packed so I wasn’t able to post a lot while I was there. but I’m very thrilled to finally share.

The videos are on the @RunEatRepeat instagram and much more are on Hyland’s Powered instagram. It’s not just about Boston – it’s about the runners. I think anybody would delight in them so check it out. and I’ll be back soon with more!

(The numbers are out of purchase because it’s randomly how my notes copied them and I want to get this posted now.)

Boston Marathon Race weekend Highlights

1. first thing I saw at the airport… a big Hyland’s sign!!

Hello @hylandspowered stop your cramp. Not Your race. Igen!

2. Boston  Marathon Expo fun!

3. We stayed at the StayPinapple in Boston.

It has a pineapple theme and had this lil pup on the bed – which I really appreciated because this is my first trip away from Diego…

4. Steve!!! trainer Steve is my friend & been on the podcast. He BQd last year and we met up for a bev in Boston.

Coach Steve was on the Run eat Repeat Podcast ep. 72 What to eat during a Race or long Run

6. Chandra showed me where to run! She moved to Boston a little over 2 years ago!

5. I had a lot of pizza this weekend. Nagyon.

7. SkinnyRunner came all the way from Alaska to see me! I think she misses me! I miss her too and wish I could’ve run with her… (She ran the marathon, she’s very fast and has qualified numerous times no problemo.)

We’re planning a fun destination race to catch up!

9. Blackbird Donuts!

8. Marathon finish line at night. Olyan szép!

10. Saw Kathrine Switzer at the expo!! In case you missed it… [check out my post on the 5k on why meeting this legend is extra special for me.]

#RunEatRepeat #bostonmarathon #bostonmarathon2019

FOR much more follow @RUNEATREPEAT ON INSTAGRAM… See ya there!

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