My dog must Haves for walking or running with your pup

somebody requested my gear recommendations as well as tips for running with your dog. I have a golden Retriever named Diego Redvera. He’s not even a year old yet as well as I’ve already accumulated a great deal of dog leashes, collars, toys, chewies, accessories as well as randomness!! So I have a great concept of what works for my doggo as well as what you should save your money on.

While I don’t have a peer reviewed, published research study on the very best gear to walk (or run) with your dog. I have spent a ton of time researching as well as testing all type of different options. So far this is what works for us – as well as feel free to chime in with your recommendations too.

Note: I don’t run with Diego. I may at some point in the future however as of right now I’m just planning on walking with him. however we do take walking on the bike / running path as much as 3 miles long. as well as a few of the gear is made to be utilized to run with your dog – I just don’t utilize it for that.

Dog walking or Running must Haves

Harness – No pull Harness (Diego has this in Large)

I believe a harness is the method to go for longer walks or running. It provides you more manage of the dog as well as doesn’t pull their neck.

Diego utilized to pull a lot. I discovered that harnesses with a front clip cut back on the pulling since they pull the dog’s shoulder to the side. So they can’t just keep utilizing their weight / momentum to pull forward.

Even with this he’s able to pull a bit bit – however it’s manageable. When I’m training him to walk at my side as well as not pull (using treats) he’s great. eventually – get a great harness however you still requirement to make sure your dog is well trained to walk or run with you as well as listen to commands.

Leash – Hands free dog Leash with double handle 

I bought a leash midsection pack that’s made to utilize when running with your dog. I did a ton of research study on this since I have a huge phone [ Samsung Galaxy note ] as well as it doesn’t in shape in a great deal of running belts or arm bands. I got the midsection pack with the biggest pocket as well as it still didn’t truly in shape well (I might shove it in most of the method however not zip it closed). I believe it would in shape most other iphones as well as androids though.

Now I just utilize the leash. I truly like the leash as well as believe it’s 100% the method to go with dog leashes for all situations. It’s stretchy as well as has some provide which assists prevent injury to both you as well as the dog. It’s long sufficient that sometimes I’ll clip it around my midsection as well as walk with Diego at my side (so I can browse Instagram on my phone with my free hand).

This is the midsection leash I have:

I have this double Leash for when I walk 2 dogs (D as well as his friend):

Safety tools – I have LED clip on lights

These are simple to utilize LED clip on lights for running, walking or dancing in the dark. They work for running! as well as I clip one on Diego’s harness when I walk him during low light times of day like early morning or evening.

I extremely suggest this. I’ve been driving before as well as just seen a little red light flashing on the sidewalk… then realized it’s a person. They weren’t in my method – I’m just stating it made me recognize exactly how difficult it is to see people when it’s dark. Be risk-free available – you as well as your pets!

Poop bags – additional Thick strong Poop Bags 

At very first I utilized the poop bags I got from my preferred store – The 99 Cent Store. But, those don’t work for Diego’s poops. He has a bit of Irritable Bowel Syndrome as well as a extremely healthy colon?

What I’m trying to state is – they were as well huge for those bags.

Even my buddy who’s watched Diego several times has stated they’re as well big. My buddy has a golden Retriever too!! as well as he utilizes these bigger, much better high quality poop bags as well as now I am too. I couldn’t go back to the other bags – these are well worth it!

I mean c’mon I’m bring around poop I don’t want to danger it getting on my hand or not being able to tie up the bag – both of which occurred with the other bags. Bruttó.

Treats – small, grain free dog treats

Like I mentioned in the video, treats seem to be the typical style from most dog trainers. I utilize little treats as well as put them in a snack sized baggie. Some treats are more crumbly than others. I’ve put chewy style ones directly up in my pocket.

*  You can see all my dog gear favorites on Amazon right here *

The finest gear for walking or running with your dog. tips of what leash, collar, hands free running belt as well as dog supplies. This is a round up of the things I utilize daily with my golden Retriever.

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