Eyelash Dip Update–Would I do it again?

I got some requests for an update on how I liked my eyelash dye (dip) after I’ve had them for a while… I got my eyelashes dyed and partial extensions on the ends just under three weeks ago. (It was part of my partnership with Groupon’s summer of Fun.)

Before I tried this I have been somewhat delighted with my lashes considering that they are kinda long. But, they’re strawberry blonde (lighter than my hair, which I don’t consider strawberry blonde, but that’s another post for another day) so if I’m NOT wearing mascara I feel like my face is weird.
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So, I was ecstatic to try this out but knew I might look like a drag queen considering that I have a tendency to channel that look when I go out.

(The picture above is without the dip or extensions, just a make-up day from the past)

Before this I had never worn fake eyelashes of any kind! I really had no idea what to expect.

Immediately after: I liked the results. I liked that the dye just brought out my natural lashes and the side extensions were pretty, but not too much.

Amit nem tetszett:

The lashes stuck together. So, I had to delicately separate them after showers and throughout the day.

The top lashes stuck to the bottom often so it kinda snapped my eye shut in the middle of a blink.

I couldn’t wear mascara with the lashes. You’re not meant to, but if you do you can only wear non-waterproof, which I don’t even own.

I couldn’t wear eyeliner with them. I love eyeliner, but all my liners are waterproof and you can’t use any strong make-up removers near your eyes or it will take the lashes off too.

I feel like when the extensions started to fall off they took my lashes with them too (so it left them thinner).

For a night look I like eyeliner and mascara and I couldn’t do that with these.

> on the left ‘going out’ make-up. On the ideal right away after the dip.

What I did like:

Waking up and looking like a normal person instead of a ginga

Not having to put on any make-up for two weeks.

This picture is just after waking up the first week:

Overall: Tomorrow it will be three weeks considering that I got them. You are meant to get refills within two to three weeks but my extensions are completely gone – so if I really needed them I’d have nothing left. I think they only last two weeks before you need refills. The dye is still hanging on a bit though.

I liked them! But, I think it’s a lot of trouble to do every two weeks and potentially a lot of money. I would probably consider getting them for a holiday – I would have loved to have them in China because we were out the door so early each day to explore. But, we were also taking a lot of pictures so I wanted to have a little make-up on! That would have been a good time to just wake up and go.

Question: have you worn fake eyelashes?

Have you tried eyelash extensions? Mit gondoltál?

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