You Can’t Run Without

pile on the MILES Running challenge Day 23 – What’s something you can’t run without?

I wrote this prompt thinking we’d pick ONE must have running gear item, but it’s so hard to choose. I made a list of things I use or wear every time I run and decided it’s an 11 way tie for first place.

Re-adjusting my shirt/shorts/other while running makes me uncomfortable, causes me to stop, can lead to chafing and overall just makes for a frustrating run. wearing the right gear is key to a good run. So, each of these items is a must have because an alternative would cause some problem or distraction while running.

Top 11 must HAVES to RUN

Running shoes – I currently rotate between a few different pairs. quality running shoes are super important to help prevent fatigue and injuries. Be sure to check your shoes periodically for wear and tear.

Sports bra (high impact with adjustable straps) – even though I don’t have a large chest I hate any boob-bounce situation. I only wear certain sports bras to run and they must have adjustable straps. I have lower impact sports bras for strength training days.

Aftershokz wireless bone-conducting headphones – This is the newest must have item in my running gear, but since I got a pair of wireless open-ear headphones I can’t think of running without them. Obsessed.

Running Shorts (sweat wicking, long shorts) – Chafing sucks. The right running gear for your body and activity can help. I swear by long-ish tight shorts made from sweat wicking materials.

Sweat wicking shirts and tanks – My favorite running top is a long sleeve, form fitting shirt by Athleta. It has piping around the bottom so it won’t ride up (sometimes my running belt pulls up my shirt, but NOT with this top).

Visor (Run eat Repeat visors have a big brim that I LOVE) – I need a visor while I run so much I’ve worn it during night runs! I love a wide brim visor to help keep the sun off my face and to help prevent sweat in my eyes.

Sunglasses (lightweight, small-ish frames that fit under my visor) – I have to have sunglasses to run, even when it’s not sunny out (in that case I wear yellow lenses). I think my eyes can be sensitive to light and smog so it helps to protect them.

Running belt to hold my phone and keys – I always run with a belt for my phone, keys, chapstick and if I’m doing a long run fuel. I prefer a wide infinity type type belt that doesn’t bounce or move. I usually forget I’m wearing it.

Phone for podcasts/audiobooks/music – I always run with my phone and am usually listening to a podcast or book, but have been mixing in more music recently.

Running GPS watch (I currently wear a not fancy Polar watch) – I don’t watch my pace super close right now (because I’m still slow compared to before 2020), but in the past would use my watch to check my pace on easy runs and at the start of races to make sure I wasn’t going out too fast (*fast for me and I didn’t want to burn out). now I use it for intervals, overall distance and speed sessions.

Running Socks (I love no show, thin-ish socks) – preventing blisters and chafing is so important. once you have a blister or chafing somewhere you typically keep irritating the area as you continue to run. the best way to stop blisters is to try and prevent them by wearing quality running socks.

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