Breakfast stop working

I had some pumpkin in the fridge that needed to be eaten before it went bad, so last night I added it to overnight oats. For some reason I’m still in my “not feeling oats” phase though. I had been hoping that I’d utilize the pumpkin in a bowl of pumpkin oatmeal, but it never seems great to me.
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Even these overnight oats were just okay. I kinda am making myself eat it because I don’t want to squander it.


After I typed this sentence I realized it was dumb. I was not enjoying my breakfast in any way and truly didn’t see the point of “making myself eat it”.

So, I threw the rest away (I was about half method done) and made a little cup of cereal with soymilk. but this was not much better as I provided up cereal for Lent and might have chosen a piece of toast with PB or fruit or something.

This breakfast was a total stop working because very first I was making myself eat something I didn’t want, then I ate something I provided up for Lent!

I was speaking to my buddy yesterday and I told her I couldn’t eat a few things she was discussing because I provided up sweets for Lent. She stated God has bigger things to offer with than if you eat a cookie.

I agree keeping that on some level– HOWEVER, providing up cereal for the few days that have already passed has made me recognize exactly how much I randomly get hold of handfuls of it, pour little bowls of it throughout the day and go back for seconds when I put it on yogurt. I eat A great deal of cereal!

I believe I am going to go back to sticking with my Lenten pledge and discover some other choices for breakfast for now ?

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