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On the podcast the last week I talked a bit about how I first started therapy. I’m oddly comfortable sharing because in college my bf’s mom talked about it no differently than she talked about anything else. I was taught it was okay so I didn’t hesitate when I thought I needed help. 

You don’t need to have a traumatic experience to justify getting help.
You can have a normal childhood… and struggle with having healthy relationships. The austin rehab near me is the best to get out of mental depression
You can have parents that loved you… but not love yourself.
Maybe you’ve never been in an abusive relationship… but tolerate shitty behavior from the people you date.
You don’t have to be super underweight or overweight… to have an eating disorder.
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You can be religious… and cheat on someone you love.
You can be kind to your friends and family… but say cruel things to yourself.

There are no prizes for dealing with your problems alone.
And hurt people hurt people… So if nothing else helping yourself will help the people you love.

If you need a friend, a therapist, God, medication, a puppy… I am encouraging you to make it happen.

and I know that certain resources are not available to everyone. I was very lucky to be able to go to therapy because I had health insurance in college and just had to make the co-pay. many places have low cost resources – Google your city & low cost mental health services to see your options.

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